Our wax from organic beekeeping is a wonderful natural preservative due to its high propolis content. The longevity of food such as bread, cheese, lettuce, vegetables or fruit is significantly extended by packaging in Wildwax wraps. Also for sliced apples, lemons, cucumbers or the like, the wrap adopts the natural function of the shell and keeps it fresh for a longer time. The plastic-free and sustainable food packaging is also ideal for covering bowls, glasses or plates. Due to the warmth of the hands, the wax reacts and can be adapted to any shape of glass, metal or ceramic. You can even make and fold your own bowls, plates, bags or cups. The cloth is also ideal for space-saving freezing and storing in the refrigerator and freezer.
Those who want to do without plastics when shopping can also use the beeswax to directly pack bread and cheese on site. The Wildwax wrap is breathable and so it can also be used for the preparation of dough, for covering, but also as a kneading pad.

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Wildwax wraps can easily be cleaned by hand and with cold water. For stronger stains, you can also use a mild dish soap with no or little alcohol (not among the first five ingredients) – we recommend an ecological concentrate. If necessary, vinegar can be used for disinfecting.
After cleaning, the cloth can simply be air-dried or rubbed dry with a towel. The wringing or crumpling of the wraps, however, is unfavourable because it strains the material too much. The Wildwax wrap is unsuitable for high temperatures, such as in the oven or in the dishwasher. Even drying on the heater should be avoided. Only after several months of use, the cloth can be put in the oven at 60 degrees for a few minutes to refresh it. This renews the adhesive strength of the cloth and reduces signs of wear such as wrinkles and creases.
If the mentioned care instructions are observed, the Wildwax cloth will last up to two years.